Our Spiritual Commitment

In order to aid our mission, we ask all members of Sursum Corda to make a spiritual commitment of a few daily prayers with specific intentions. Please mention the intentions and invoke the Patrons before every prayer.

The Intentions

  • Thank God for the gift of the Latin Mass
  • Ask God for the grace to not take the gift of Latin Mass for granted
  • For Protection and Guidance for Fr. Mears, Fr. Parkerson, Fr. Buckler and all Priests who support the Latin Mass
  • For an increase in devotion to the Latin Mass in our Parish and across the world
  • For an increase in the number of available Latin Masses across the world
  • For an increase in acolytes in our Parish

The Prayers

  • Our Father
  • Prayer to Our Lady of Perpetual Help
  • Saint Michael Prayer
  • Litany of Humility

Patron Saints

  • St. Cecelia
  • St. Gregory the Great
  • St. Ambrose
  • St. Louis